Understanding Southwest Pregnancy Policy 2024

Southwest Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Are you anticipating the time when you will be greeted with a smile of a new life? Having flight schedules for these expectant mothers can be exhausting and demanding. To make your tours with Southwest a bit more comfortable and convenient, you must understand the rules and safety measures of the airline. You can become aware of these guidelines by going through this comprehensive guidebook. It outlines all its guidelines along with some useful tips for touring during your pregnancy. 

Even though you follow all the regulations, you must always seek your doctor’s advice before going on your air tours. With this, you may begin reading this guide and learning the dos and don’ts of flying as a mother.

Guidelines To Fly Safe As A Mother To Be With Southwest Airlines

Discussing Southwest Pregnancy Policy

In the sections that follow, you will go through the Southwest pregnancy policy for the well-being and safety of soon-to-be mothers. Going through these guidelines will guide you in how you can apply these measures for a comfortable trip in the air.

Pregnancy Stages And Touring

You may have this thought in your mind about when it is safe to travel when expecting a baby. It is indeed a relevant question, which brings you to the first rule for a pregnant lady flying with Southwest. With proper preparations and precautions, you can fly safely while in your early stages and even in your second trimester. However, when you cross your third trimester and are in your 38th week, you have to provide written permission from your doctor and other necessary medical certificates.

Essentials For A Safe Travel

Talking about the documents, let’s see what essential paperwork you must carry to show you are fit for traveling with Southwest. If you are in the early stages of pregnancy, you don’t require any pregnancy-related documents. However, if you are going through your second trimester or beyond your 38th week, you will need the following:

  • Medical certificate from your gynecologist
  • Prenatal records
  • Prescriptions
  • Written travel permission from your doctor

If you have faced any complications in the past, you are advised not to travel by air, especially during your last pregnancy weeks, as the high altitude can be a risk hazard for expectant mothers.


Although not necessary, travel insurance is a necessary requirement that not just pregnant women but every traveler should have. It prepares you and your family for any mishappening that may occur during your flight.

Special Services For The Mothers To Be

Being pregnant is a special event that arouses special feelings for a special one who is yet to come into your life. For such a special occasion, you need special treatment to nurture yourself during your air tours. Southwest Pregnancy Policy offers a variety of special services to pregnant women, creating a convenient and comfortable journey for them.

  • With Southwest, pregnant passengers can choose their own seats. You should take advantage of this benefit and choose an aisle seat with extra legroom and close to the bathroom. It will be a comfortable option for you, allowing you to perform light exercises that will help you relax during your flight.
  • If you verify that you have no history of complications and it is safe to travel by air, you can even tour Southwest after crossing 38 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Southwest Pregnancy Policy allows pregnant women to board early. You just have to inform the gate agent regarding that.

Baggage Conditions For Pregnant Women

There are no special rules or benefits for pregnant women on their flights when it comes to baggage. It is all the same for every passenger. So make sure you are well aware of the luggage regulations laid out by the airlines.

Traveling Advice For Pregnant Ladies

You can’t skip this part. The airline’s rules will keep you safe while these traveling tips will guide you on how you can enjoy your tours without getting exhausted.

Tip 1: Drink Drink And Drink

It doesn’t imply that you have to drink anything. Hence, refrain from taking alcohol if you are thinking about it. Instead, it is suggested that you should stay hydrated and drink water in adequate amounts to prevent potential health concerns like thrombosis, dehydration, and discomfort.

Tip 2: Stretch It Out

A long flight can make your body stiff, which can create even more discomfort during your air tours. Hence, it is necessary to keep your body moving. You can do light exercise and stretching from time to time to keep your body flexible and prevent any uneasiness.

Tip 3: Choose Comfortable Clothing

Bring some cozy props like comfy loose-fitted clothes and pillows to add that extra comfort during your tours. You don’t know, but it will immensely enhance your flight experience.

Tip 4: Arrive Early

Do you know being early to catch your flight can be so rewarding? When you are early at the airport, it allows you to go through the flight procedures at a slower speed.

Tip 5: Ask For Help

In such a position, it will be difficult for you to do everything on your own. Hence, it will be a good idea to take some help. You can ask someone to help with lifting your bags. You can even seek special assistance from the airlines themselves or inform their officials if you need any help with anything.

Tip 6: Bring Some Healthy Snacks

When you are pregnant, you need to be cautious about your diet. You can pack some healthy snacks to take with you on your air journey. You can munch on them whenever you feel hungry.

Have A Good Time Flying

This wraps your tour to know the guidelines on traveling safely with Southwest Airlines as a pregnant woman. This guide not only teaches you the rules to travel safely but also underlines some essential tips apart to create some relief from your tours. Now, you are fully prepared to take you and your baby in your belly on air ventures with Southwest. Make sure you have taken the advice and permission of your health advisor before commencing your tours.


Are pregnant women allowed to fly with Southwest?

Yes, women in their early pregnancy stage can travel freely. Pregnant women in their second trimester, on or over their 38th week, need some essential medical documents and shouldn’t have any health issues to be allowed to fly.

How do i book a flight for a pregnant lady Southwest?

The booking process is the same for pregnant passengers as for other passengers. You just need to add some essential documents. While boarding, inform the gate attendant about your pregnancy to access a pre-boarding pass.

When does the Southwest pregnant boarding happen?

Pregnant ladies can board early in the pre-boarding process while getting on the Southwest Airlines flight.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly with Southwest?

You can fly with Southwest at any stage of pregnancy until the 38th week of the gestational period with the written permission of your doctor or gynecologist. You must not have any complications, illness, or medical history to travel.

Do you need a medical certificate to fly when pregnant?

If you are beyond the 38th week of pregnancy and have a history of complications, the airlines require a medical certificate and a written letter of approval from your personal doctor before allowing you to travel.

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