How to Book Flights for Large Groups?

How to Book Flights for Large Groups

Destination wedding, corporate retreat, friendly rendezvous, or a cultural event- whatever the reason you plan to fly together with a bunch of people,  a task is a task! The procedure can make you chew someone out. Too many airlines, too many preferences, and loads of luggage can make it pretty difficult to decide. 

Most airlines do offer some benefits when a large number of people are flying altogether, but there might be some drawbacks to booking group travel. Nevertheless, these are the matters for later discussions; first, wrapping heads around the question, “How to Book Flights for Large Groups,” is of paramount importance. 

For Large Group Bookings: The Earlier, the Better!

One of the major liabilities you may face while booking for a huge number of people is the inability to find such a large number of seats on a single flight. This is the primary reason most airlines request their customers to make their purchase at least a few months before their departure. Again, those wanting to fly abroad, too, in a group, should book even sooner. 

Depending on the airline, you may or may not get special benefits on your reservation, which is not guaranteed often. Whatever destination, and however large or small the number of people are there in the group, try your best to book as soon as possible and avoid procrastination. Mind that Group Travel Booking is not a piece of cake. 

Procedure for Booking a Group Travel

There are a million ways to do this. However, it basically depends on the convenience of the organizer. Supposing you are planning your best friend’s wedding and have to manage a lot of 30 people flying in a single plane, you may or may not find an airline providing you with the needed. Yet, the hope is there, somewhere around the horizon, and this time, there are two rays of sunshine.

1. Book Group Travel Online

Smartphones and the internet are not rare things anymore, and almost everybody has access to them. Online booking in such cases seems rather convenient and unbothered. However, you can book online for group bookings only up to a limited number of people (nine passengers for most airlines). The steps are simple:

  1. Visit the official website or the mobile application of the carrier. 
  2. Check the bookings section. 
  3. Select the location, departure, and return date. 
  4. Pick the number of passengers from the drag-down list and select the cabin. 
  5. If there are flexibility options, make use of it accordingly. 
  6. Proceed to confirmation and make your payment. 

Voila! The reservation for the group is done and dusted from the comfort of your home.

Note that most airlines only allow group booking for a limited number of passengers via the online mode. 

2. Sales Office Assistance

For larger parties, you may have to approach the airline directly. It means visiting the sales office of the carrier in the city. It is also the best way to book group travel because not only is it less complicated, but the official relieves most of your stress and planning load. 

The staff also ensures you get the benefits promised by the airline. Carriers often allow flexible ticketing schedules for people traveling in larger numbers, name change options, and other perks. You may miss out on these offers while arranging the flights from your own end. 

Then, you can reach out to the airline executives dedicated to the fields of multiple ticket purchases for a single flight. The representative you get from the airline is the best travel agent for group bookings who can turn the tables for you and direct you to the right path. In case the commercial flights are too expensive and inconvenient for you, they may direct you to the charter options offered by the airline. 

FAQs – Urgent Queries!

How To Book Flights For Large Groups?

Check out the airline’s official website for guidelines, or visit their sales office in the city for personal assistance regarding the group reservation. 

What is the best way to book flights for a large group?

The best way is to approach the airline personally for reservations including a large number of travelers. 

How to book a flight for 40 people?

Group bookings for such a big party are not easy or possible amongst many popular airlines. Therefore, a better approach would be either to book two or more group reservations separately or simply speak with an air charter broker. 

Is it cheaper to fly private with a large group?

Yes. Chartering a private flight can be beneficial and cost-effective in cases where loads of people are flying to a particular destination. 

How to book multiple people on one flight?

Connect with a travel agent at the, plan the travel, and book multiple people on one flight at once.

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