Delta Medallion Status: Unlock the Top-Notch Benefits

Delta Medallion Status

Are you a frequent flyer with Delta Air Lines? Ever wondered how you could elevate your flying experience to new heights? Enter the world of Delta Medallion Status, the ultimate way to unlock a treasure trove of elite benefits.

The Medallion Members experience the travel journey in ways that go beyond the ordinary. Medallion Status is not just about earning miles; it is about making every flight more comfortable, providing priority access, enjoying discounts, and benefitting from an array of exclusive perks that enhance the whole travel experience. Excited to know more? This guidebook will walk you through the details of Delta Medallion Status. So, let’s learn how you can unlock these top-notch benefits and luxuriate the next trip.

What Is Delta Medallion Status?

Delta Medallion Status refers to the elite membership levels within Delta Air Lines frequent flyer program, known as SkyMiles. It rewards and acknowledges loyal passengers with exceptional benefits and services. The perks include complimentary upgrades, priority check-in and boarding, additional baggage allowance, and exclusive customer service lines. 

Achieving a Medallion Status is totally based on paying specific Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) within a calendar year, along with spending requirements. This status symbolizes a significant achievement for frequent flyers of Delta Air Lines.

Status Levels of Delta Medallion 

Status Levels of Delta Medallion 

The Medallion Status has four tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, each offering progressively greater perks.

Delta Silver Medallion Status

With an estimated value of $876, achieving Silver Medallion Status requires $5,000 in Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs). To attain this status, you might expect to spend approximately $3,797. Members receive a 40% bonus on miles and enjoy top perks such as complimentary baggage, upgrade privileges, priority check-in, and boarding.

Delta Gold Medallion Status

Gold Medallion members can expect benefits valued at $3,256, with a requirement of $10,000 in MQDs (or an MQD waiver). The estimated expenditure to reach this tier is about $10,127, rewarding members with a 60% bonus on miles. The most notable advantages include complimentary same-day flight changes, access to priority security lines, expedited baggage handling, SkyTeam Elite Plus status, and four in-flight beverage coupons.

Delta Platinum Medallion Status

Valued at approximately $6,161, Platinum Medallion status demands $15,000 in MQDs (or an MQD waiver) with an estimated cost of $15,190 for eligibility. This level increases the bonus miles to 80% and awards members with one Choice benefit for an enhanced travel experience.

Delta Diamond Medallion Status

The pinnacle, Diamond Medallion status, boasts a value of $14,153 and requires $28,000 in MQDs (or an MQD waiver) to earn. With an estimated expense of $25,316, members achieve 120% bonus miles. The elite perks of this status include a complimentary Clear membership, three Choice benefits for customizable luxury, and access to a VIP customer service line, setting the standard for exceptional travel experiences.

How To Get Medallion Status with Delta?

Delta Medallion Tier 

Attaining the Medallion Status of Delta requires collecting a specific amount of Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) for each respective tier. You can also achieve Delta Medallion status without ever boarding a plane. Want to know how? It requires significant spending on a Delta-branded credit card to achieve this.

To secure elite status within Delta, the requisite MQD accumulation is as follows:

TierRequirement in MQDs

Benefits at Each Delta Medallion Tier 

Delta Medallion Status Levels come with innumerable benefits. Let’s know about the various benefits that are offered in various tiers:

Earn More Miles

With each tier, passengers can earn more miles on their journey and plan their next trip at low fares. 

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
7 miles per dollar8 miles per dollar9 miles per dollar11 miles per dollar

Choice Benefits for a Diamond & Platinum Medallion

Members who reach Diamond or Platinum Medallion Status by meeting the necessary spending requirements can choose their Choice Benefits when they achieve their status. Choice Benefits lets you tailor your perks to fit what you value most each Medallion Year.

Year – 2024 Year – 2025
Platinum Diamond Platinum Diamond 
Choose 1Choose 3Choose 1Choose 3
Delta Sky Club Individual MembershipDiscontinued2 Choice Benefits are Required
Delta Sky Club Executive Membership3 Choice Benefits are Required3 Choice Benefits are Required
Bonus Miles20,00025,00030,00035,000
Upgrade Certificates4 Regional4 Global or Regional / 2 Global and 4 Regional4 Regional4 Global or Regional / 2 Global and 4 Regional
Gift Medallion StatusGift Silver Medallion Status to 2 MembersGift Gold Medallion Status to 2 MembersGift Silver Medallion Status to 2 MembersGift Gold Medallion Status to 2 Members
Delta Travel Voucher$ 250$ 250$ 300$ 350
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Contribution$ 250$ 250$ 250$ 250
Wheels Up Flight Credit$1500$2000
Starbucks Reward Stars4,0004,0006,0006,000
MQD Accelerator towards next Qualification Year$500 MQDs$1000 MQDs$1000 MQDs$2000 MQDs
Platinum and Diamond Medallion Members with a Delta SkyMiles Platinum, Platinum Business, Reserve or Reserve Business American Express Card can choose to receive a statement credit on one of these cards associated with their SkyMiles account. Benefits are limited to Basic Card Members.$200$500$400$700

Important Note: Only 1 Delta Voucher option can be selected within the one Medallion Year. 

Flight Benefits

The Delta team thanks Medallion Members by offering the best seats. With Medallion Status, you and a companion get unlimited free upgrades to First Class, Delta Comfort+®, Domestic Delta Premium Select, and Delta One® experiences on U.S. flights. 

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One® Upgrades: Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, All paid tickets (except Basic Economy Fares), & Pay with Miles TicketsDeparture DayDeparture DayDeparture DayDeparture Day
Unlimited Complimentary First Class Upgrades: Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, All paid tickets (except Basic Economy Fares), & Pay with Miles TicketsStarts 24 Hours Before DepartureStarts 3 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before Departure
Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta Premium Select Upgrades: Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, All paid tickets (except Basic Economy Fares), & Pay with Miles TicketsStarts 24 Hours Before DepartureStarts 3 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before Departure
Unlimited Complimentary Delta Comfort + Upgrades: Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, All paid tickets (except Basic Economy Fares), & Pay with Miles TicketsStarts 24 Hours Before Departure
Starts 3 days Before DepartureShortly After TicketingShortly After Ticketing
Unlimited Complimentary Class Premier Upgrades on select Aeromexico-operated flightsStarts 24 Hours Before DepartureStarts 3 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before DepartureStarts 5 days Before Departure
Unlimited Complimentary U.S. 50 Delta One, First Class & Delta Comfort + Upgrades for a Companion: Award Tickets, Miles + Cash, All paid tickets (except Basic Economy Fares), SkyMiles Companion Certificates & Pay with Miles Tickets✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
Priority Wait List Status✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
Complimentary Preferred Seats✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

Airport Advantages

Want to know about the airport benefits that come with Medallion Status Delta? These perks aim to smooth out your travel experience from the moment you check in to the time you collect your bags and at every step along the way.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
Priority Check-in✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
Priority Security Line AccessNo✔ ✔ ✔ 
Expedited Baggage ServiceNo✔ ✔ ✔ 
Priority BoardingZone 2Zone 4Zone 4Zone 2
CLEAR Plus Membership$149/year$149/year$149/yearComplimentary 

Fee Wavier Benefits

Since you are a Medallion Member, Delta Air Lines covers the fees for you. Check the table below for detailed info!

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
Waived Same Day Confirmed FeesNo✔ ✔ ✔ 
Waived Baggage Fees✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

Premium Customer Service

No matter your tier, you get priority service when you contact a SkyMiles representative or a Delta Reservations specialist. You can call anytime if you have questions about your flights or need help with anything else.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
PriorityHigh PriorityHigher PriorityVIP Line

Reclaim Your Status

Delta Air Lines introduces “Reclaim My Status” for their Medallion Members. This new benefit helps you regain your Status if your travel has been paused. Both current and past Medallion Members can apply for Reclaim My Status. If accepted, you will enjoy three months of complimentary Status in the Tier you applied for, with the opportunity to extend that Status through the next Medallion Year by meeting certain conditions.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

SkyTeam Perks For International Flights

As a Medallion Member, flying with SkyTeam airline partners worldwide grants you access to a range of travel benefits. Check them in the following section.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
SkyTeam Lounge AccessNo✔ ✔ ✔ 
Priority Baggage HandlingNo✔ ✔ ✔ 
Sky Team StatusEliteElite PlusElite PlusElite Plus

Hertz Car Rental Bonus

Are you a Medallion Member? If so, booking your Hertz rental through means you will accumulate more miles and gain elite status in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. It is a great way to unlock additional perks.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
Status in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program Five StarFive StarPresident CirclePresident Circle
Miles Earned per $ spent on qualifying rentals5678

Save on Delta Vacations 

Medallion Members can enjoy up to $250 off on each Delta Vacations booking, whether paying with cash or miles. Once you pick a Delta Vacations package, your discount is applied before you decide to pay with money or miles.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
$ 25 Savings on vacations of $0-$1,499✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
$ 75 Savings on vacations of $1500-$3,999✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
$ 125 Savings on vacations of $4000-$6,999✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 
$ 250 Savings on vacations of $7,000 or more✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

Drink Vouchers and Bag Tags

Medallion Members must keep an eye out for a package in the mail, including bag tags to celebrate their achievements. Additionally, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion Members will discover onboard drink vouchers added to the “My Wallet” section of the Fly Delta App as soon as they achieve their status.

SilverGoldPlatinum Diamond 
Bag Tags4 Vouchers4 Vouchers4 Vouchers
Drink Vouchers✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

In a Nut Shell!

In conclusion, Delta Medallion Status opens the door to an exceptional flying experience, offering a range of prestigious benefits across its four tiers — Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. By meeting specific spending thresholds or leveraging Delta-branded credit card spending, loyal flyers can enjoy unparalleled perks such as priority boarding, complimentary upgrades, and exclusive customer service. Whether you are an occasional traveler aiming for Silver or a frequent flyer aspiring for Diamond, Medallion Status Delta represents a significant achievement that enhances every journey.

Frequently Resolved Queries

What is Delta Medallion Status?

Delta Medallion is a loyalty program providing benefits and perks to frequent flyers of Delta Air Lines.

How much do you have to spend to get Delta Medallion status?

You need to meet specific spending and flying thresholds, starting at $5,000 MQDs (Medallion Qualification Dollars) for Silver.

Do you ever lose Delta Medallion status?

Yes, Delta Medallion Status can be lost if annual qualification requirements are not met.

Can you earn Delta Medallion status without flying?

Primarily, Medallion Status Delta is earned through flying, but certain credit card spending can contribute to MQMs (Medallion Qualification Miles).

What is the highest status on Delta?

Diamond Medallion is the highest elite status in Delta’s program.

Does Delta Silver Medallion get free baggage? 

Yes, Silver Medallion members receive one free checked bag.

How to become Delta Silver Medallion? 

You need to earn 25,000 MQMs or 30 MQSs (Medallion Qualification Segments) and $5,000 MQDs to become a Delta Silver Medallion.

Is the Delta Gold Medallion worth it?

Yes. It is worth it for frequent flyers due to various benefits, including discounted fees, better seats, extra baggage, and priority boarding.

Does Delta status give you lounge access? 

Only Diamond Medallion members receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access.

Does Medallion status reset every year?

Yes, the Medallion status qualification is based on yearly activity.

Can Delta Gold use Lounge?

No, Gold Medallion Status does not give direct lounge access. It requires a Delta SkyMiles Reserve card or higher-tiered fare.

What is the benefit of Delta Medallion status? 

There are a number of benefits, including priority boarding, upgrades, discounted fees, and more, enhanced with each tier.

Is Delta Gold better than Platinum?

Delta Platinum offers more benefits than Gold, including higher upgrade priority and Choice Benefits.

Can I change my Delta gold to platinum?

Yes. Flyers can upgrade by earning 50,000 MQMs or 60 MQSs and $10,000 MQDs within the calendar year.

Does Delta Platinum status expire?

Yes, without requalification, the status expires at the end of the following Medallion year.

Does Delta Platinum get Sky Priority?

Yes, Delta Platinum Medallion members receive Sky Priority benefits for expedited airport service.

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