Air France Preferred Seat – Know the Particulars 

Air France Preferred Seat

Numerous passengers think of getting a cabin with extra legroom. Everyone wants to experience wholesome relaxation during their journey. Air France Preferred Seat lets you choose the seat that fits your comfort and preference. Be it your need to enjoy more space just to relax or simply want to pick the aisle side for easy access, this seating option gives you more comfort. 

Air France offers preferred seating in all its cabins, including Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class. So, you can increase your comfort no matter your budget or travel preferences. Read the following article to learn about the service provided by the airline. 

Seat Options by Aircraft Type

Air France uses a variety of aircraft for its flights, & the specific plane you’ll be on can affect your seating options. Here are some of the leading aircraft Air France uses for U.S. flights:

  • Boeing 777-300ER– This aircraft offers four classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class.
  • Boeing 777-200ER– It offers three classes: Economy, Business Class, and First Class.
  • Boeing 787-9 includes Economy, Business, and First Class.
  • Airbus A350-900 has three classes: Economy, Business, & First.
From (City, Code)To (City, Code)Flight No.AircraftCabin ClassesFrequency
Atlanta (ATL)Paris (CDG)AF 681/689787-9 / A350-900Business, Premium Economy, Economy2x daily
Boston (BOS)Paris (CDG)AF 321/333A350-900Business, Premium Economy, Economy2x daily
Chicago (ORD)Paris (CDG)AF 137777-200ER / A350-900Business, Premium Economy, EconomyDaily
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)Paris (CDG)AF 159787-9Business, Premium Economy, Economy5x weekly
Detroit (DTW)Paris (CDG)AF 377A350-900Business, Premium Economy, EconomyDaily
Houston (IAH)Paris (CDG)AF 695A350-900Business, Premium Economy, EconomyDaily
Los Angeles (LAX)Paris (CDG)AF 65/69/77777-300ER / A350-900La Première (AF 77 only), Business, Premium Economy, Economy3x daily
Miami (MIA)Paris (CDG)AF 95/99777-300ERBusiness, Premium Economy, Economy2x daily
Minneapolis (MSP)Paris (CDG)AF 673777-200ERBusiness, Premium Economy, Economy5x weekly
New York (JFK)Paris (CDG)AF 1/3/5/7/9/11777-300ER / A350-900La Première (777-300ER only), Business, Premium Economy, EconomyUp to 6x daily
Papeete (PPT)Los Angeles (LAX) – Paris (CDG)AF 77A350-900Business, Premium Economy, Economy5x weekly
San Francisco (SFO)Paris (CDG)AF 83777-300ERLa Première, Business, Premium Economy, EconomyDaily
Seattle (SEA)Paris (CDG)AF 367787-9Business, Premium Economy, Economy3x weekly
Washington, D.C. (IAD)Paris (CDG)AF 27/55777-200ER / 777-300ERLa Première (777-300ER only), Business, Premium Economy, EconomyDaily

La Premiere By Air France

La Première Air France is a luxurious first-class option that’s usually very tough to find by using points or miles. It’s expensive and requires elite status with their Flying Blue program.

  • You can only use miles from the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program; you need their top-tier status to get them. 
  • La Première is only on certain Air France planes & has very few seats.
  • The vast and comfortable seats turn into long beds and have privacy curtains. They also serve excellent service and food.

Air France Business Class

Air France offers business class seating that may differ depending on the plane and your destination. It recently introduced new business-class seats with doors for more privacy, which are different from its older seats. Air France is upgrading some of their Boeing 777s with brand new seats. These seats have unique features like charging devices without wires and letting flight attendants know you don’t want to be interrupted.

AircraftSeat WidthSeat PitchBed LengthConfigurationNumber of Seats
777-200ER (3-class)21.5″61″77″1-2-1 (lie-flat)40
777-300ER (4-class)21.5″61″78″1-2-1 (lie-flat)48
787-9 (3-class)21″42″77″1-2-1 (lie-flat)30
A350-900 (3-class)21″74″78″1-2-1 (lie-flat)

Premium Economy 

The premium economy option by this airline offers a comfortable higher class than Air France Economy Class. The things you can expect from this cabin class are below:

  • Premium Economy seats are wider than Economy seats and offer more legroom.
  • You’ll get a comfort kit with essentials like an eye mask, ear plugs, and a toothbrush. 
  • You can make get benefits of SkyPriority benefits, which include priority check-in and boarding.
  • Check two bags, each weighing up to 50 lbs, free of charge.
AircraftSeat WidthNumber of SeatsConfigurationSeat Pitch

Seat Options By Economy Class

If you are flying in economy class, you must know that the airline lets you choose your seat in this cabin class to make your flight more comfortable. Here are the facilities they offer:

  • Front Section Seat– By choosing a seat in the front of the Economy cabin, you can be one of the first passengers to leave the plane. You can pay for this seat when you book your ticket or later. Flying Blue members get this benefit for free.
  • Duo Seat– If you are traveling with your friend, booking a duo seat guarantees that you will sit together in a row of two. Like the front seat option, you can pay for this or get it for free, depending on your Flying Blue membership.
  • Extra Legroom Seat– You can get more legroom seats. These seats are located by emergency exits or in rows with more legroom. You can book this seat anytime, but only a few are available. 
  • Empty Seat (My Extra Space)– If you want more privacy and space, this option lets you pay to book empty seats next to yours. You can only book this at check-in if the seats are available.

Flying Air France With Points

If you want to quickly earn points to fly Air France and enjoy the benefits of those points, follow the guide below:

  • Join Flying Blue Program– This is Air France’s loyalty program and has the best deals on award flights. It uses a system based on how much you spend rather than a set number of points.
  • Consider Partner Programs– This airline is part of SkyTeam, but you can also use points from other airlines in the alliance, like Delta SkyMiles or Korean Air SKYPASS. However, you must be aware that some programs have a fixed point cost for flights, while others have prices that change depending on demand.

Comparing Preferred Seating on Air France and KLM

Air France and KLM are in the same airline group, Flying Blue. They share many similarities regarding preferred seating. 

  • Similarities
  1. Seat Selection– Both airlines offer various preferred seating options in economy class. These include extra legroom, more personal space, and seats closer to the front area so passengers can quickly get off the plane.
  2. Fees– Preferred seats are paid on both airlines.
  3. Flying Blue Program– The loyalty program members can sometimes choose standard preferred seats for free.
  • Possible Differences
  1. Seat Type– KLMs newer Economy Comfort on B789/710 offers a better experience with a footrest compared to Air France’s older Premium Economy on some B77W aircraft.
  2. Aircraft– The specific aircraft used for your route can change seat options. Air France might have older A330s with less desirable configurations on some routes, while KLM is refurbishing and might offer more modern cabins.
  • Tips for Choosing- If you are still confused, we can help you by highlighting some tips to choose the airline you want to fly with:
  1. Think about the most important: extra legroom, getting off the plane first, or more personal space.
  2. Some websites allow you to compare seat layouts for specific Air France & KLM flights.
  3. You can compare the prices & see which airline offers the best price for your preferred seat selection.
  4. If you have Flying Blue status, check if it grants you free preferred seat selection.

Delta Airlines VS Air France

When it comes to choosing between Delta and Air France, the passenger’s priority is the deciding factor.

  • Seat Design
  1. Delta—The suites under Delta One are generally well-regarded. They have complete doors for privacy on most aircraft.
  2. Air France– Its Business Class offers “reverse herringbone” seats on many planes. Some passengers find it more comfortable to sleep due to easier aisle access. 
  • Other Things Considered
  1. Price–  Air France is cheaper than Delta.
  2. Service– Flyers report uneven service on both Delta and Air France. But Air France could impress you more.
  3. Food– Air France is known for attention-seeking meals, which might be a deciding factor for some.
  4. Entertainment—Many people consider better entertainment systems on flights. So, it’s worth checking things offered on your specific flight by contacting the airline personally.

It’s Time To Wrap Up!

With all this information about Air France Preferred Seats, you can now choose the economy class seat you prefer based on your needs. Be it your need to go for more legroom to stretch out & relax or the requirement to be near the front for quicker getting off the plane, or you simply need extra space for comfort, there’s an option for you. Keep in mind that preferred seats will charge you extra.  If traveling with young children, the airline will try to seat you together for free, but for guaranteed seats, you must go for Preferred Seats.  Staying informed and planning accordingly by booking your preferred seat online can help you have a more enjoyable trip.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are Air France Preferred Seats?

Air France Preferred Seats offer extra benefits like more legroom, being near the front of the plane, or being by the window. You can pick your favorite seat for more comfort on your trip.

How much does it cost to pick a Preferred Seat?

When it comes to the price of the preferred seat, you will know it by the time of the booking because it will vary depending on your destination, dates, and ticket type.

Can I get a Preferred Seat for free?

Yes, you can get a preferred seat for free. If you’re flying in La Première, are an Elite member of their Flying Blue loyalty program, or have a particular credit card, you might get an accessible Preferred Seat selection. 

When can I choose my Preferred Seat?

You can pick your seat anytime from booking your flight up to 30 hours before it takes off.

How do I choose my Preferred Seat?

You can choose your seat on the official Air France website or mobile app. You can also select your preferred seat by calling the airline.

Can I sit with my family if I don’t pick Preferred Seats?

Usually, the airline tries to seat families with kids together for free. However, booking a preferred seat is recommended as the airline can’t guarantee the free seating option.

What happens if I don’t choose a seat at all?

Air France will assign you a seat when you check in, but you might prefer a different seat.

What if I need a seat with extra legroom for medical reasons?

The airline can help you with seating for medical needs. Contact them to get all the specific details.

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